About Noel Fiorentinos


Once upon a time there was an energetic young gymnast named Noel. She trained for 16 years, dedicating hours on end to the sport that she loved. One sad day, injury stuck and the little gymnast’s career came to an end.

But, as always, there was a silver lining. Noel’s competitive nature and passion for being active led her to the world of team sports; the communal environment she found was remarkable and invigorating. As a grown adult, Noel remained active – dancing, boxing, spinning and more! But still, something was missing. Nothing touched the girl’s soul in the way that team sports did. After being bullied by contract gyms and feeling ever-so-lonely in her workouts, she decided enough was enough; WiO was born.

Noel puts her heart and soul into making her studio a safe haven for fitness. To this day, WiO is a place that welcomes retired gymnasts, former athletes and fitness lovers alike. She and her expert team are always on the move creating new routines to keep their classes exciting and cutting edge.

With outstanding customer service, a beautiful facility, and unwavering dedication to hospitality, Work It Out is a studio that stands out from the rest.