The Perfect Squat!


The booty is something that (I personally!) like to work all year long, (hello Tight End!). The squat, sometimes referred to as the king of all exercises since they are a full-body staple that works the hips, glutes, quads, and hamstrings — and it sneaks in core strengthening too! Wowy, amazing how a simple move […]

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Have You Met Vanessa Yet?!


You’re probably used to seeing Vanessa bouncing around, long-braid whipping the air during a Zumba class — but what’s this you hear of her teaching Next Stop; Skinny and Sweata Weatha?! That’s right — this chick means business! She’s way more than just a Zumba girl — She’s a total fitness fanatic! Check her out… When […]

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Our Burn Series is Back


“And, we gonna let it burn, burn, burn, burn”… Our Burn Series is back!!! We have a great line-up of 90-minute customized workouts for the upcoming social happenings. We want to make sure to keep you on your best foot during the upcoming holidays and social events, so we made sure to give you a little extra BURN […]

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Have You Met WiO’s Beautiful Ballerinas?


With our new Fall/Winter Schedule in full swing, you’ve probably noticed new faces, new class times and more opportunities to take your favorite classes. So you’ve probably also seen that we’ve added more of one of our favorite classes, CandyBarre. But did you know we have some tried and true ballerinas in the bunch? Keep […]

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Reset Your Nutrition With These Fall Foods


The trees are shedding their leaves this season, so why not join the fun and shed some extra baggage! WiO Wellness isn’t about a quick fix or crash dieting. It’s about learning what works for your body and lifestyle and how you can maintain the best version of yourself through eating whole, fresh foods. People […]

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