Sculpt Your Perfect Tank Top Arms


  Perhaps one of the most frequent requests I hear is, “I want to tone my arms!” The truth is, you don’t need fancy equipment for toned, sculpted, strong arms – you need the correct weights and killer moves found in all of our classes! There’s no arguing that arms are the ultimate barometer to […]

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Shop Til’ Ya Drop!


In case you haven’t noticed – over the past few months we’ve been growing our shopping experience in each of our studios. We’ve brought in different types of apparel ranging from lounge-wear to super active apparel. Whether it’s a branded T-shirt or a funky pair of printed leggings, a cool wardrobe goes hand-in-hand with a […]

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Meet the Gymnast – Noël Fiorentinos


Many of you know me as Noël the owner of Work it Out, the girl who got married in Greece, the gymnast, the sister of Devon and Tara or most commonly, which I prefer – The Boss. I juggle a lot of hats as the owner and Creative Director, no one day is the same […]

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New Time, New Day, Same Awesome Mom and Me Class


Baby G.A.P. is back with Miss Taylor for a 4-week summer session at a new time and a new studio! Our first ever 45-minute class for mommy and baby ages 18-36 months focused on Gymnastics And Play (G.A.P.) will be hosted at our River studio on Wednesday mornings at 10:15am. The class will take your little tots through basic […]

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Eat Clean, Live Well


Nearly four years ago Work it Out was born out of a mission to take the mundane and robotic boredom out of workouts and set them free. It has evolved from a fitness studio to a brand encompassing more than just classes, but a community of strong, confident and passionate women that come together to not only sweat, […]

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