Never Worked it Out With Us? Seize the Day!


Get one month of unlimited class at our River studio and one complimentary class at our Willow studio for $99. Maybe you walked past us before or heard a friend talking about classes and thought, “I really need to check this out!” Well now is the time! Starting Tuesday, 3/24 through Monday, 3/30 we have […]

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Master the Barre


barre /bär/ noun a horizontal bar at waist level on which ballet dancers rest a hand for support during exercises But barre (or CandyBarre at WiO) isn’t just a bar attached to the wall. So what really is this barre thing all about? We know most of you are pretty clued in to the whole […]

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The Perfect Lunge


Lunges ROCK! You can do them anywhere and the benefits can be seen in no time – shapely, toned legs and booty. And I’m not just saying this because warmer weather is approaching; I believe we should work out bods all year long! Skinny jeans, leggings, bathing suits fall in the same level of importance […]

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Ride for Autism Awareness


The grand finale of our Autism Awareness events in support of the Wallace ABA Program and Global Autism Project is here! Over the past few months, we’ve hosted a series of mini-events to raise awareness and support this incredible cause. We started with The Shop and Drop Local on December 6 — then a Pajamas […]

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The Best Bachelorette


A little snow didn’t stop the team of brides who came out for our first-ever Brides & Bubbly Bachelorette on Sunday, March 1! As soon as the ladies arrived at WiO River, the girl-talk started with everyone sharing their wedding details! To spice things up, we had each guest pick a button indicating their role for the afternoon — […]

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