Dance / Core Fusion

Ohm & Tone™

Every body needs a little Ohm in their life! Join this exclusive, custom crafted hybrid yoga class that merges cardio, toning and vinyasa yoga all in one. It will strengthen, tone and ohm-out every body part! Once class is over you’ll not only get the relaxation effects of the workout, but also all the benefits of a full body workout.


Treat yourself to the talk of the town! One taste of our full bodied, ballet barre workout, and you’ll be hooked. It’s a 50-minute class that combines strength training, toning and yoga in a rich mind/body experience danced to delicious rhythms, followed by an equally decadent cool down. Barre work is a sensual and highly effective fitness method that firms, lengthens and shapes your muscles to their opti- mal form — high, rounded seats; flat, outer thighs; long, lean torsos; and defined waistlines. Pas marché right in and grab your share of the CandyBarre!

Hottie Pilates™

Total body transformation awaits you! So do head turns and whistles. Based on the original teachings of Joseph Pilates, and some sizzlingly creative WiO touches, this 50-minute workout brings the mind and body together in a warm embrace, teaching you to be in control of your body rather than at the mercy of it. You’ll also enhance your core’s strength, balance and flexibility for that strong, long and lean result Pilates is famous for. All ages and fitness levels are welcome to become even hotter hotties at WiO.

Flight Series
Get ready to take off! Our Flight Series class will make you flip head over heels with excitement. Not only does it combine gymnastics, something we know a thing or two about, but it also will give you a kick butt workout by bringing the strength elements that make Olympic gymnasts so fit! Previous gymnastics, tumbling, dance experience necessary.
Hip to the Hop™

Here’s your chance to jump into the world of choreographed cool with WiO’s 55-minute hip hop/jazz fusion class where you’ll learn 8 counts — the basis of many modern dance forms — along with leaps, turns and other essential dance elements guaranteed to take your cardio workout and dance skills from wack to def fo real.

Girl Band™

It’s here! WiO’s new signature barre and band workout is the latest way to amp up your curves and bounce those unwanted bulges right out the door. Join us for this full body, 50-minute gig with a playlist of dance, band work, barre, yoga and stretching that’ll make you want to rush the stage.


Admit it, you’re in love with a workout. Don’t be ashamed. It happens…the moment you hear that ir- resistible beat, it’s all over. You can’t hide your feelings any longer. It’s ok, you’re not alone. WiO with us for 50 minutes of Zumba Mix that’ll mess you up, leave you limp and have you begging for more, more, more!

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