Next Stop Skinny™

All aboard! Next Stop; Skinny! Here is where you learn how amazing it feels to tone every inch of your body. No muscle is left behind in this 50-minute total body circuit class where each station works a different spot and blasts of cardio keep you chugging. Be prepared to lose some baggage.

Sweata Weatha™

You look hot! WiO’s 50-minute power sweat class makes temperatures rise by combining weights, body bars and cardio for an intense, nonstop, full body workout designed to cleanse, challenge and change your body in any weather.

Core Disco™

Donna Summer, Chic, and the Bee Gees got nothin’ on our funky Disc-o! Using air-filled VersaDiscs and a plethora of balance-based exercises push your body over that plateau, right on to the next level. 50 minutes of concentrated, total body training will be sure to leave you sweaty like you danced all night at Studio 54.

Tight End™
Hut, hut, hike! What’s round and firm and toned all over? Your booty baby! A spin-off of Show Off and Hottie Pilates, this series of on-target exercises will strengthen and tone your inner and outer thighs, glutes and hamstrings, giving you that “tight tookus” you’ve always wanted.
Upper Class™

Not to be snooty, but this upper body toning workout is in a class by itself. Get that sought after I’m too sexy for my tank look using barres, bands and weights to tone and tighten your arms to perfection. Biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest and core are all invited to this exclusive soiree of upper-scale fitness.

Please Note:
  • Kids G.A.P., our version of child care that includes active play and learning, is available for a $10 drop in rate, also available child care packages. 12-month Memberships include complimentary child care (covers 1-child). Look for this listed at specific times during the week on our MindBody schedule.
  • Tots must be strong crawlers to 4 years old
  • Two tots maximum per adult
  • No snacks, drinks or shoes allowed in the mat room
  • You may participate even if you forget to bring your tot

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